Videos on synesthesia [viewed between 02/15 – 02/22

Over the 1 week, I came across various videos about synesthesia & color therapy on YouTube & Ted Talks…Below are 3 videos on synesthesia that interested me.

This documentary about synesthesia is directed by Jonathan Fowler. Various synesthetes of different ages have been interviewed, and each states their experiences.

In Terri Timely’s short film, two Asian boys are portrayed with a different kind of synesthesia. The young boy sitting on the floor perceives smells as colors – as he smells each record, he states what color it smells like. The other boy perceives taste a sound – he ‘listens’ to the different foods he interacts with. The items that come out of the large speakers indicate how sound can be perceived as different colors, shapes or textures.

Ted Ideas Worth Spreading: All kinds of minds

In this TED Talk, Daniel Tammet, a lingual, numerical and visual synesthete shares his art and passion for languages into his beautiful mind. He talks and displays his perception of words, numbers and colors to the audience, helping them understand the way a synesthete perceives the world.


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