Reading between the colors [02/15 – 02/22]

Below are 3 readings which I think will be beneficial to my research. The two books are ones I found online. While I haven’t read the entire books, the several pages I read were informative.

Dayton , Lily. “The blended senses of synesthesia.” Los Angeles Times

The Blended senses of Synesthesia

The newspaper article discusses the experiences of synesthetes as they taste numbers, feel colors or have other sensations triggered by sensations. On a more interesting note, it states that scientists today are studying the brains of synesthetes, whose condition may provide clues for neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. Like synesthesia, many neurological disorders have been linked to abnormal communication between brain regions; scientists are trying to understand “how a different activity pattern in (the) brain can change the way (one) perceives reality.”

Kargare, Audrey. Color & Personality

In this book, Dr. Audrey Kargere deals with the various psychological aspects of color, its effects on personality, relationship to music as well as practical applications in fashion, art and outdoor and indoor decoration. Dr. Kargere goes on to explain how color may even positively or negatively affect illnesses as sever as cancer. She outlines ways to use color as a value adjunct to fuller living

Malchiodi, Cathy A. Breaking the silence: art therapy with children from violent homes

In her book, Cathy Malchiodi recognizes the role of art and play as critical tools that facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders amongst children. Her book is a useful tool for both trained and untrained professionals who seek to assists children in crisis, especially those who come from violent homes and/or who live in homeless shelters.


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