Reading between the colors [02/28 – 03/07]

I have found the below extensive list of sources in the past week. I have not had enough time to delve into them deeply. The readings and websites are very informative, and I think are great resources.

I definitively want to read the book mentioned, as well as read the journal article. I will visit the art therapy websites again. I hope to hone in on at least one and visit the centre to get a better idea of how they work. Once I pin point the organization, I could email the person in charge and perhaps meet a doctor to better understand the topic.

1. Using Crayons to Exorcise Katrina, The New York Times

Karal Leopold, an art therapist from California uses art as a therapy for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

2. When the senses become confused, The New York Times

The article traces the condition of patient Dr Roush, who cross wiring of the brain has developed as a consequence of a stroke. Her doctor, Dr. Ro discusses this unusual form of synesthesia

3. The American Synesthesia Association

A non-profit organization, The American Synesthesia Association, Inc., was created in 1995 by Carol Steen and Patricia Lynne Duffy to provide information to synesthetes and to further research into the area of synesthesia. The website consists of a plethora of resources related to synesthesia, some of which are mentioned below…

4. Survival of the Synesthesia Gene: Why do People Hear Colors and Taste Words?

The two psychology professors at University of California, San Diego discuss synesthesia and how it may be passed down through genes. Their report is left open ended, and they pose a variety of questions that still need to be answered. Some examples of the questions are:

  • Can synesthesia actually enhance sophisticated and abstract mental abilities?
  •  What is the relationship between inherited synesthisas and acquired conditions and phenomena that produce similar experiences?
  • Does synesthesia exist in animals?

This website is comprises of useful links to web-based discussion forums where synaesthetes and non-synaesthetes can share information and contact researchers conducting experimental investigations in order to further our understanding of synaesthesia.

7. New York Creative Art Therapists

Art Spa is a studio space in Williamsburg. It is a creative space open to the community that encourages groups of like minded people to come together and inspire each other through creative ideas and discussions. It is not art therapy per se, but I could perhaps visit the centre and talk to some of the employees to understand how the system works.

8. Visting Art Therapy

Visiting art therapy in New York City allows one to discover the power of creativity in his/her own home. Alice Landry, the founder of Visiting art Therapy is a certified art therapist who holds art therapy sessions at the patient’s home.

9. Psychotherapy through art

Giora Carmi is a life-long artist and board-certified art therapist. While studying energy healing, he discovered he had been using a form of energy healing his entire life: Intuitive Flow. Intuitive Flow uses the creation of art to reveal and conquer inner barriers. The creation of art has been used for a very long time as a vehicle for revealing deep truths about a person; however, when done clinically, this was often accompanied by psychoanalysis. Intuitive Flow in itself indentifies and breaks down subconscious constructs that cause pain and suffering, without the traditional use of psychoanalysis.

10.  Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter: A Life.

This is the first full-scale biography of the painter Joan Mitchell (1925-1992), a synesthete who had colored letters, colored sound, personality-color synesthesia, and emotionally mediated synesthesia. The book sounds fascinating, and is available at the NYU Bobst Library.


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