Planning the next 4 weeks

Despite reading various articles and seeing various videos, I am still slightly unsure about which path I want to take – whether I want to focus my research on using color as therapy for illnesses or further investigating synesthests’ experiences in daily life. Both topics are fascinating.

Over the next four weeks, I will continue to look for articles and videos that relate to my topic and hopefully narrow down my research topic.

In the mean time, I have compiled  a list of people I can interview to gain more information about the subject matter:

  • Talking to Reshma Stafford, a psychologist based in New Jersey – I could ask her what she knows about psychology of color & if she has ever dealt with patients who have synesthesia. While synesthesia is not a disorder by itself, perhaps people have felt shunned from society for being different
  • Design some sort of experiment where I can observe people’s subconscious reactions to different colors
  • Talk to design professionals (here at The New School as well as my high school art teachers) about color psychology & art therapy
  • Joanne Pereira – my high school art teacher based in Dubai. She currently works with Jam Jar, a creative space that provides free canvases and paints for the public. It makes art accessibly to all by creating a platform for dialogue and interaction to an array of individuals. Pereira could perhaps throw light on how the public interacts with art, and whether she has observed a change in children’s behaviour (the primary clients)
  • Try and find people who have synesthesia, in order to understand their experience better. Through word of mouth, I hope to find at least a few people in New York City who come forth to be interviewed
  • Pooja Varier – Pooja is a high school friend of mine who is soon obtaining her undergraduate degree in Psychology this June. I will email her and ask her if she has come across any readings on this topic, or if she has heard of interesting scenarios that may help my research

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